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Fire Restoration Services


The uncontrollable nature of fire can literally spark up from anywhere. Either from a faulty gas leak, to dry weather conditions, or arson. It’s an unfortunate event, however it is not the end of the world. Home Tech Restoration may be the key to restoring what was lost, back to your home as you remembered it. Call us now, for fast and quality craftsmanship with over 120 years of total combined experience, let Home Tech Services Restore your home as good as new!

FREE Roof Inspection & Estimate by our HAAG Certified Roof Professionals for MD, VA, DC, PA, NJ Homes and Beyond!

Tired of patching leaks and replacing shingles? If you have a faulty system, you could be in danger of everything from water damage to mold! One call to us and you’ll be on the path towards a solid, dependable roof. Give us a ring at (301) 637-9019 for your next project in the city as well as in Laurel, Columbia, Germantown, or the Silver Spring area.

Leaky Roof? We Can Fix That.

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At HomeTech our decades of industry experience has shown us that a leaky roof can not properly protecting your investments. Whether you are a Maryland homeowner or you own a commercial property, you need your roof to be dependable and leak free in order for your stakeholders to feel safe. For a trained professional, finding and fixing these leaks is a simple matter, and HomeTech is an expert in located and patching roof leaks, Maryland.

Targeting the usual areas associated with roof leaks first, and then moving on to a full inspection of your roof, HomeTech’ highly skilled Maryland roofing contractors have the trained eye needed to find any and all roof leaks. We know the importance of a complete and thorough inspection which includes climbing onto your roof and looking inside your home. Once found, we have the top-quality materials needed to make immediate, long-lasting repairs.

If you leave leaks or cracks open to the elements, you could be endangering every person and electronic device in your building. Water that gets into your walls via cracks in your roof can cause puddles, stains, and even electrical fires! These dangers should be your motivation to call a professional Maryland roofing company like HomeTech and set up a FREE in-home inspection. It could mean the difference between simple repairs and a full, costly roof replacement.

One call to HomeTech, a locally owned and operated roofing company in Maryland, and hours later you will have professional roofers on your roof, scouring it for any signs of leaks. Remember, as with all of our services, our expectations of our own work will not be met until we have exceeded yours!

FREE Roof Inspection & Estimate by our HAAG Certified Roof Professionals for MD, VA, DC, PA, NJ Homes and Beyond!

Tired of patching leaks and replacing shingles? If you have a faulty system, you could be in danger of everything from water damage to mold! One call to us and you’ll be on the path towards a solid, dependable roof. Give us a ring at (301) 637-9019 for your next project in the city as well as in Laurel, Columbia, Germantown, or the Silver Spring area.

Have Hail Damage? Get a Quick Response from HomeTech!


Although hailstorms do not occur with great frequency in the Maryland area, when they do strike it can cause serious and widespread damage. Your home is vulnerable to hail damage in many different areas, including roofing, siding, windows, and doors. Hail stones striking a your roof can cause immediate damage in the form of broken, cracked or loosened shingles or tiles. But hail can also cause unseen damage to other parts of your Maryland home that can have long-term consequences.

Even if your roof appears to be undamaged, a hailstorm can result in hidden damage. You need the trained eye of the professionals from HomeTech to conduct an on-site inspection of your roof to determine whether or not the underlayment and supporting structure was damaged. Only a trained Maryland hail damage specialist can uncover hidden problems in every aspect of the exterior of your home. We will inspect your entire home, including climbing on the roof and checking it up close.  After our inspection  we will provide you with a detailed report and work with your insurance company.

When hail hits your roof it can cause a “bruise” which can allow water to seep into your home. It may not lead to an immediate leak, but over time the water will find its way into your Maryland home. It’s difficult to determine whether a roof needs to be repaired of replaced after a hailstorm because the damage is not readily evident.

One thing the hail damage experts at HomeTech will look for on a shingle roof is granules in the gutter. Hail can wear away and weaken shingles, eroding the protective granules and shortening the life of the roof. The exposed asphalt will deteriorate and more granules will come loose. Excessive granules collecting in the gutter means repair or replacement is recommended.

When disaster does strike, and a hailstorm causes damage to your Maryland home, make sure you call a fully licensed contractor. There are unlicensed contractors out there (we in the industry call them “Storm Chasers”) who are not backed by their manufacturers. If you hire a “Storm Chaser” you will pay for any mistakes they make out of your own pocket. So give HomeTech a call, we’ll respond promptly and work quickly to fix any hail damage we find.

How to Use the Sun to Lower Your Energy Costs

Constantly rising energy costs are taking a toll on the wallets of all Maryland homeowners. Paying to heat and cool your home year ‘round is an expensive venture, and the structure of your home could be hemorrhaging your hard earned money. That is where HomeTech comes in. Our Maryland solar roofing service is designed to immediately and dramatically decrease the amount of energy that you need to pay for, all by harnessing the natural energy produced by the sun.

As one of the leading solar roofing contractors in Frederick MD, and all of Maryland, HomeTech installs solar roofing for purposes beyond just saving you money, however. We also believe we have a responsibility for our environment, and that by installing solar roofing, Maryland, we are just doing our due diligence. We take great pride in providing solar roofing to homes all over Maryland, from Columbia to Silver Spring. Roofing is our passion, and solar roofing is just another reason that HomeTech is the roofing company in Maryland that home and business owners trust first.

So what are the benefits of hiring HomeTech to install solar roofing onto your MD home? As we explained above, our solar roofs are extremely energy efficient, but they are aesthetically pleasing as well. Installing solar roofing onto your home will add to its curb appeal as well as its resale value if you are thinking of selling. In addition, you remain connected to your electrical utility to provide you with electricity when your home solar power system isn’t producing. One of the biggest bonuses behind solar roofing is that, on sunny days when the amount of energy you receive exceeds the amount you use, you can actually see electrical usage dial spin backwards!

So if you are paying an arm and a leg for energy and need a solution, give us a call and set up a FREE in-home estimate on the installation of energy efficient solar roofing, Maryland.

Expertly Crafted Doors from the MD Roofing Professionals


HomeTech has the privilege of being both a certified Maryland roofing company and a certified installer of top-of-the-line doors from Pro Via. Beautifully crafted and energy efficient, replacement doors from Pro Via will increase your curb appeal and resale value while decreasing your energy costs. Installing doors from Pro Via is the reason HomeTech is the Columbia roofing contractor that Maryland residents also turn for energy efficient replacement doors.

The doors that Pro Via produces and we install are designed to provide Maryland homes with further structural strength and security with superior energy efficiency. The less energy that escapes through your door, Maryland, the less money you will have to spend to produce energy. Plus, the front door of your home is the first thing that most visitors will notice, making it vital to their first impression of your home.

In order to make their first impression a good one, Pro Via creates beautifully crafted doors that can immediately increase the curb appeal of any home. Whether you need a front door, storm door, patio door, etc., HomeTech has the wealth of experience and manufacturer backing necessary to ensure high quality.

With energy efficient MD roofing, siding, windows, and doors, HomeTech has the solutions to all of your replacement needs. One call to HomeTech and you could turn your home into a mecca of energy efficiency that will pay for itself.

So if you’re doors are lacking in beauty, efficiency, or just no longer fit your style, contact HomeTech today. Locally owned and operated, we could already be installing a quality Pro Via door in your Frederick County, Montgomery County, Howard County, or Prince Georges County neighborhood!