Fire Restoration Services

services-fire-damage.jpgThe uncontrollable nature of fire can literally spark up from anywhere. Either from a faulty gas leak, to dry weather conditions, or arson. It’s an unfortunate event, however it is not the end of the world. Home Tech Restoration may be the key to restoring what was lost, back to your home as you remembered it. Call us now, for fast and quality craftsmanship with over 120 years of total combined experience, let Home Tech Services Restore your home as good as new!


Window Brands We Carry


HomeTech has a longstanding partnership with Soft Lite that allows us to offer our clients both their energy efficient replacement windows as well as their extensive warranties. For more information on Soft Lite windows, visit their website. Or better yet, give the MD roofing and replacement windows experts at HomeTech a call and set up a FREE in-home consultation.

Click on the link below to visit the Soft Lite website:

HomeTech also has a longstanding partnership with Crystal “Commercial Grade” Windows for all different type of applications and requirements.

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Siding Brands We Carry


As with any home improvement service, proper installation can only go so far if the materials used are not top-of-the-line. At HomeTech we offer the highest quality vinyl and fiber cement siding available on the market, thanks to flourishing relationships with CertainTeed and Mastic. Two of our nation’s major manufacturers of superior siding, these companies provide us with their siding as well as their excellent warranties, and we are able to pass on the benefits to you! This is jut another reason HomeTech is the Silver Spring roofing contractor that local residents trust to wrap their homes in energy efficient, low maintenance siding.

To learn more about the siding options you have when you hire HomeTech, click on the links below to visit the websites for our manufacturers: CertainTeed and Mastic.

If you desire even more information in order to make your decision, give us a call and set up a FREE in-home estimate on your Maryland siding project. Our experts will be happy to discuss our products and services with you!

How To Prepare For Hail Storms In Advance


Planning ahead can mean the difference between extensive damage and minor remediable problems. A proper preventive strategy will help you considerably reduce the negative effects of inevitable summer storms. Here are the right steps to take in order to prevent hail damage.

Prepare Your Home and Outdoor Area for a Hailstorm

The condition of your property is one of the most consequential factors in determining the amount of damage a hail storm will inflict on your personal belongings. The integrity of your roof should be your primary concern for it will keep you safe during a storm.

  • Inspect and maintain your roof. Inspect your roof regularly and take immediate measures if you notice a problem. Replace broken or damaged shingles without delay and consider installing ones rated as class 3 or 4 which have been proven to withstand harsh hail. Do not neglect seemingly minor defects that may make your roof susceptible to hail damage. Make sure the overall condition of your chimney is good and that it can be properly closed if necessary, and take effective measures to better protect your roof. If you consider an imminent renovation project, you are advised to opt for impact resisting roofing to further reduce eventual hail damage and secure your home.
  • Keep your trees and shrubbery well-trimmed. It is very important to eliminate the risk of trees or branches falling on your home during a storm. Maintain all the trees and shrubbery in your yard but pay special attention to branches that are directly over your roof or too close to your windows – in the event of a storm they are most likely to damage your home. Strong wind and hail stones can easily break any weak or dry branches, so be prudent enough to remove them in time.
  • Properly maintain your outdoor area and avoid potentially dangerous materials. It is not only falling trees and branches that may cause severe damage to your home – all kinds of debris such as decorative or waste materials blown by the fierce winds during a hailstorm pose a great risk. So keep your outdoor area clean and safe (make it a rule to keep woodpiles under a shed away from the house, etc.). What’s more, you are advised to replace rock or gravel landscaping material with shredded bark or other safe pieces that will cause no harm even when blown by strong winds.
  • Keep gutters and drainpipes clear of leaves and debris. Make sure water can drain quickly or your home may sustain water damage in addition to the typical hail damage.