Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving! From our family to yours!


Rest Your Fears About Hosting Thanksgiving


As the host of Thanksgiving dinner, you will have plenty on your plate to be concerned about. But thanks to these tips, the things that could possibly go wrong probably won’t. Relax—have a drink. You got this.

What If I Don’t Have Enough Food?

Thanksgiving nightmare No. 1  is running out of food, as guests clamor for another helping of green bean casserole. You don’t have to guesstimate the amount of food you need to feed your crowd. Simply plug in your number of guests here and you’ll have your shopping list. Wondering how big of a turkey to buy? The USDA recommends 1 pound per person. And check out our breakdown of turkey types to help you choose the best one.

What If All the Food Isn’t Ready at the Same Time?

The turkey is getting cold on the counter while the yams are still rock-hard in the oven. Your quickest solution is a warming tray to keep items ready for the table as you pull together the meal’s remaining dishes. Continue reading

How to Extend the Life of Your Lawn Mower

Aerate the Air Filter

Besides fuel and a spark, the engine on your mower also needs clear airways. Air filters, which cover the air intakes on your mower, actually protect the engine from dust and debris. Over the course of a long summer of mowing, these filters can become corroded, putting your engine at risk. Check, clean, and (if necessary) replace air filters regularly, in accordance with your manual’s specifications. Suggestions vary from 25 to 100 hours.

Unclog the Mower Deck

You may not think about cleaning your mower deck because you can’t see it. You’ll be reminded, however, when gooey grass clogs your blades and causes a rough cut, or when rust develops. Continue reading