Clean Your Yard, No Matter How Much Time You Have


The thought of spending an entire weekend cleaning your yard can make you want to move into a condo. Instead of tackling the project in one fell swoop, invest small windows of time into specific tasks until you finish the entire job. Once you decide how much time you can commit, use these tips to make the most of each minute.

Got an Afternoon?

Aerate the soil so that oxygen, water, nutrients, and sunlight can penetrate into the areas that need them. Your lawn takes a beating from foot traffic and weekly mowing, so it’s important to loosen up that compacted top layer. Use a tiller or mower with an aerator attachment, or walk across the grass in spiked shoes.

Got an Hour?

Fertilize the soil (after you’ve aerated it). This keeps your grass strong during winter and resilient come spring. Fertilizer bags feature three numbers to indicate the percentages of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (in that order), says Bryan Clayton, chief executive officer of the lawn-care company GreenPal. Continue reading


Your Checklist For Less Stressful Mornings


Scrambled eggs burning in a skillet; kids ransacking the house in search of missing shoes and homework; rushed conversations with your spouse about conflicting schedules. … Mornings can bring a whirlwind of activity that generates a lot of stress.

How do you keep from feeling dizzy and exhausted before breakfast? Start by making a checklist. Lists can’t solve all of life’s challenges (it pains me to admit this), but they certainly work for some. And I happen to have one that can transform your mornings: Continue reading

Expert Repair Services


The exterior of your home is constantly open to the elements, which can lead it to accrue damages of all kinds of the years. From high winds, to driving rain, to piercing hail, the weather patterns of Maryland can throw many different things at your home. That is why HomeTech offers a wide range of specialized repair services, each one designed for homes in Maryland.

With decades of combined home improvement service, our staff has seen it all. This means that no matter what kind of damage has occurred, we have the materials and techniques necessary to fix it.

After an initial FREE in-home estimate, our expert repair team will act quickly to repair any damages they find. Speed is key to a quality repair service, and we have some of the fastest and best contractor in the industry. Plus, HomeTech is locally owned and operated in Monrovia, MD, which means we can promptly respond to any job site in our service area. If you need emergency repairs, make sure to call us right away so we can close any exposed areas of your home to the outside elements. Exposure to the outdoors can only worsen the damage.

So whether you need expert Maryland storm damage repairs, hail damage repairs, roof leak repair, or just an inspection to make sure the structure of your home is sound after an incident, HomeTech is your one stop for all your repair, flood and fire restoration needs.