Manufacturer Certified


For any Columbia roofing contractor, or any Maryland contractor for that matter, gaining the certification of their manufacturers is a must. If you have a roofing product installed on your home by one of many Maryland roofing companies who is not certified by the product manufacturer, any product warranty may be invalidated.

The expert Ellicott City roofing contractors and Silver Spring roofing contractors at HomeTech are continually educated by our manufacturers to ensure that project we undertake is performed using the latest techniques and advances in technology. Each of our roofers takes this education very seriously, and works hard to master each advance our manufacturers make in order to gain their certification.

Here is a list of manufacturers who have certified HomeTech to install their products:

  • GAF Roofing
  • HAAG Certified
  • HAAG Roof Inspector
  • TAMKO Pro Contractor & TAMKO Certified
  • Certified Master Shingle Applicator
  • CertainTeed Siding
  • Mastic Siding
  • EnergyTech by Soft Lite Windows
  • Pro Via Doors
  • Preferred James Hardy Dealer

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Our Awards

Golden glowing trophy cup on black background

Award winning and championship concept: golden glowing trophy cup on black background

HomeTech takes pride in making sure that our staff are fully trained and Manufacturer Certified.  Not only are we certified and undergo continual training and education of all of our staff, we have also been presented with a few prestigious awards in our industry!

Here are some of the awards that have been bestowed upon us:

  • Top Roofer of the Year for Mid-Atlantic 2009
  • Shingle Man of the Year 2012

And many more to come!!!

Top Quality GAF Rood Products For Your Maryland Home


HomeTech is a certified GAF Certified roofing contractor. This means that we are continuously training and testing to ensure that our installation methods and procedures meet the superior standards established by GAF.

A Complete Roofing System for Your Home.

The GAF Weather Stopper roofing systems installed by HomeTech are a complete structural system that ties together all roofing elements into a cohesive unit to provide the best protection for your home and family. We are one of the very few Columbia MD roofing contractors, or any Maryland roofing contractors for that matter, who can offer you this excellent system.

Learn more about the GAF Weather Stopper roofing system here.

A Better Warranty for You.

GAF offers the best roofing warranties in the industry. And because HomeTech is a GAF Certified Maryland roofing contractor, you are assured that all GAF manufacturer warranties on roofing materials are fully valid. A Maryland roofer who is NOT GAF-certified cannot guarantee your warranty will be in effect when and if you need it.

The Money Saving Advantages of Installing New Siding

Are the exterior walls of your home still covered by high maintenance wooden siding or paint? Are you tired of the constant steps needed to maintain the appearance of these traditional means of siding? Then it is time to wrap your home in low maintenance, energy efficient vinyl or fiber cement siding, which means it is time to give HomeTech a call. We are the Frederick MD roofing contractors that home and business owners count on for all of their siding needs as well.
When properly manufactured by CertainTeed or Mastic and expertly installed by HomeTech, your new siding will deliver significant advantages for your Maryland home, including:
  • Increased Energy Efficiency – Installing siding increases your home’s R-value, an important measure of the insulating capacity of any material
  • Increased Structural Integrity – Expertly produced siding, like that produced by CertainTeed and Mastic, provides a nearly impenetrable force to protect your home
  • Proper Moisture Management – If properly installed, siding will allow your home to “breath,” meaning moisture can get in and out
  • Air & Noise Barrier – Vinyl and fiber cement siding prevent air infiltration that can dramatically increase your home energy costs, and serve as a significant barrier to external noise
  • Increased Curb Appeal- Your home will be the stylish, colorful envy of the neighborhood when hire HomeTech to wrap it in beautiful, durable vinyl or fiber cement siding

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Tile Roofing


Tile is one of the most environmentally sustainable MD, including Silver Spring, roofing choices. Most tile roofs have warranties ranging from 40-50 years, and some have lasted thousands of years! HomeTech is the MD roofing contractor that home and business owners trust to install top-quality tile roofing. Available in clay or concrete, this roofing option may just be the right choice for you!